iPhone 7 To Have Super Fast Li-Fi Internet!

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As the days get closer, we get more and more information regarding the up-coming device from Apple. And, today we have a very interesting info on the iPhone 7. According to code on iOS 9.1 firmware, Apple is going to get Li-Fi super high-speed internet.

For those of you who don’t know much about Li-Fi, it is the next-generation high-speed internet. Li-Fi has been demonstrated to transmit data at a staggeringly high-speed; speeds of up to 224 gigabits per second was recorded in labs, and the crazy thing about Li-Fi is that a huge number of objects can be used to transmit data such as even light bulbs which was shown at a Ted talk.

Current Wi-Fi which is the 802.11 ac allows a theoretical maximum output of a couple GBs/sec but Li-Fi is hundreds of times faster than that, so getting that on an Apple device is going to be pretty awesome.

A developer dug deep inside iOS 9.1 code and found something very interesting. Code that shows Li-Fi compatibility.

Although we have the code for Li-Fi but that doesn’t mean that iPhone 7 is going to come with Li-Fi tech, we have seen code for other things that have never come to light. So there is no 100% certainty that we will get Li-Fi for the iPhone 7.

Even though we are not 100% sure that we will get Li-Fi but this raises some interesting questions on how advanced the Wi-Fi capabilities are going to be for the iPhone 7.

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