You Can Now Legally Hack The Pentagon & Get Money For It!

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This is not something you would not normally see coming out of the federal government. Today, the United States federal government announced a new campaign called ‘Hack The Pentagon’. As the term suggests, you can now legally infiltrate into one of the most powerful and secretive places in the world. But there is a catch!

The Department of Defense announced that they are launching this campaign to make the security of the Pentagon stronger. This would be the first such initiative in the history, marking this a very important time when the government is seeking outsider help to improve the security infrastructure.

Unlike other bug bounty programs this one is different. You have to be selected by the Department of Defense; that means you have to be screened and background-checked; which means a lot of black-hat hackers will not make it to the list.


Even though you can try to get into the list of people who will be eligible to hack into Pentagon, but you would still not be allowed to hack into the sensitive parts. Only public facing websites or other internal networks can be hacked excluding the sensitive missing-facing systems.

For whatever it is you can apply for this lucrative bug bounty program.

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