Apple’s Official Media Invite For March 21: What You Need To Know

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Apple today sent out invites for the official media event on March 21. As you might already know, this is the event in which Apple is going to unveil the iPhone 5SE and the smaller version of iPad Pro.

The event which is labeled as ‘let us loop you in’ has been in the talks for quite sometime and today Apple made it official. They have sent out the media invites, confirming the date and time.

Although Apple is not going to mention on their invite what they are going to unveil but we have a pretty much basic idea on what is on the menu.

The first one and pretty much everyone is waiting for, is the iPhone 5SE (the special edition iPhone), which is going to have the same internals as the iPhone 6 but look similar to the iPhone 5S.

Apple 21 march event

The next one on the list is the smaller version of the iPad Pro, not much has been leaked or discussed about it besides the fact that we are getting a new iPad.

Apple is going to be live streaming the event so make sure you check it out.

Maypalo is going to have all the details covered so stay tuned!

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