For The First Time In Years Apple misses iPhone Sales Expectation

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Apple has published its quarterly earnings report and this time there was a big shock, for the first time in many years Apple missed its quarterly expected sales number for the iPhones and iPods, but the good news is that it broke its previous record for quarterly earnings.

Apple earnings

Apple had never missed those walls street analyst expectations since a very long time. Apple sold 17.1 million iPhones compared to 22 million expected.

Here are the numbers vs the expected numbers to be sold.

iPhone was expected to sell 22 million but sold 17.1 million.

  • iPod was expected to sell 6.9 million but sold sold 6.62 million.
  • iPad was expected to sell 10 million but sold 11.1 million.
  • Mac was expected to sell 4.5 million but sold 4.89 million
  • Revenue was expected at $29.51 billion but was $28.3 billion.

Due to the fact it missed expected results, Apple’s stock dipped almost 7% to $396 per share to from an all time high of $422.

On this missed sales expectation CEO Tim Cook blamed the rumors regarding a new iPhone and an iPod. Something we haven’t really seen Apple do previously.

Remember folks, these numbers do not represent the record breaking 4 million iPhone 4S that were sold on the first 3 days. Apple is surely to have a huge earnings this quarter.

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