iPad 3 Parts Get Leaked Here Are The Pictures!

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As the day gets closer to the release date for the much-awaited iPad 3, which according to reports is the first week of March, we now have what could leaked parts of the iPad 3. Here are some of the pictures of the leaked iPad 3 parts.

iPad 3 leak -04

From the apparently leaked parts we see that the camera hole is almost identical to the one present on the iPad 2 but from the inside it is quite different. The design difference hints at a camera which could be much like the one on the iPhone 4S, yes folks we are talking about capturing 1080p videos.

According to iLab the iPad 3 parts show that it is slighter thicker, about 1mm from its previous model the iPad 2. This can be due to Apple improving the iPad’s battery life which has according to many users is a must-have improvement.

iPad 3 leak -03


iPad 3 leak -02

Screw holes on the back plate are in the all the right places, so the Sharp back panel fits the iPad 3 back plate’s mounting screw holes perfectly. This fact led the author to conclude with a high degree of certainty that Sharp’s Retina Display LCD panel is designed for the leaked iPad 3 chassis. Additionally, the way the LCD panel’s cable folds and connects to the base reinforces the thesis. 

iPad 3 leak -01

What is the one thing that everyone agrees the next generation iPad will have? It definitely is the retina display. Even some Apple employees have mentioned about how amazing the new iPad’s display is.

What are you excited about the next iPad?

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