Super iPhone Keyboard Finally Becomes A Reality: Vibrative

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Do you remember last year there was a concept showing how the iPhone 5 might be? That concept was named by many to be a super iPhone. Well folks as you know, if there is a concept people are willing to make it. And, we finally have one of those super iPhone features. The virtual keyboard is finally (maybe not) here.

Virtual iPhone Keyboard

As you can see from the video above, Florian Kraeutli, a student of computing at Goldsmiths created this “jailbroken application” that allows a person to simply type on an surface close to the iPhone, which kind of gives the effect of a virtual keyboard.

Most of you, who have been following the technology scene for quite sometime would easily recognize this system which is being dubbed as Vibrative. The super iPhone 5 concept which was shown last year had this as a key feature for the next generation iPhone. Although Vibrative is not on par with that concept but nonetheless, it is a start.

How Vibrative Works?

An iPhone is placed on a table and a person simply taps the surface which produces vibrations; the system then uses three dimensional accelerometers in the iPhone to measure the frequency of those vibrations. Which in turn produces letters on the iPhone, and Voila! You get a virtual keyboard.

Although it does sound simple but the technology behind this is quite complex. Once a person taps on the surface, the accelerometers measure the frequency and pinpoint the location of the tap, with the help of a training date, the iPhone makes a decision on what “letter” has been pressed. With the help of an autocorrect, Florian Kraeutli, says he can get an accuracy of 80 percent. Which to be honest is quite amazing.

Below is the super iPhone concept.

Currently this is only in a beta stage and as time progresses, Vibrative system will be highly improved. One way to improve the system is to increase the sensitivity of iPhone’s accelerometer as the student of Goldsmiths mentions; the signals which are currently being received by the iPhone are very weak. Thus, by improving accelerometer sensitivity, the accuracy of Vibrative can be highly affective.

We are very excited about this new concept turning into a reality. What about you?

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