Apple To Change Earth’s Geography To Fix Maps App: The Onion (Video)

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Apple’s new maps app has been the center for attention for quite a time now. Well The Onion, America’s satirical site has taken a go at Apple’s maps app. And, what do they have to say? Well check out the video below to find out.

The Onion reports that Tim Cook and his team has decided to change the earth’s geography to meet Apple’s demand. Well in other words they have changed the landmarks around the world so they show exactly how earth looks like on Apple’s map apps.

Apple CEO Tim Cooks mentions:

“Apple is committed to providing the best user experience possible, which is why we are working to dismantle the Brooklyn Bridge and put London in Canada,”

For those of you who are hearing first time about the Onion; well its a satire website, so do not take this seriously. It’s just a joke.

Besides the joke, Apple does have to improve it’s maps app which has caused a lot of frustrations for many users. Even Tim Cook admitted to the failure of maps application, which caused SVP Scott Forstall getting fired from Apple.

Well lets see when Apple fixes this maps app fiasco.

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