How To Remotely Enable Siri: OkSiri (Cydia Tweak)

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Those of you who have used Android devices or any Google product would know the command “Ok Google”, it automatically starts Google Now - Siri competitor. That is by far one of the best things I like about using Google products and lately Google Chrome. Well the same feature has come to iOS device in the form of “Ok Siri”. You can now remotely enable Siri using just your voice. “Ok Siri”, read below for details.

A new Cydia tweak has popped up called “OkSiri”. As the name suggests, it activates Siri by simply using your voice, just the way “Ok Google” does on Google Now and other Google products.

The always-on voice recognition is a great feature to have on the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. But Apple has not deemed it worth to be included in it. So this is where Cydia tweak developers come in.

The new tweak is very simply to use. You simply install it and you are good to go.


By default the keyword is “Ok Siri”. But you can change it too by heading over to the settings app. You can name it anything you want but I would prefer Ok Siri as it is more likely to “hear” this.

The tweak works good but sometimes it faces problems trying to detect the keyword “Ok Siri”, so you might have to repeat it a couple of times.

OkSiri Cydia tweak is available in the Big Boss repo, and it is free to download. So go ahead and give it a try.

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