Apple To Unveil iPhone 7 on 7th September! (Confirmed)

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We finally have the date Apple is going to unveil probably the biggest and most anticipated product of this year - the iPhone 7. Apple has sent out media invites for the iPhone 7, simply mentioning ‘see you on the 7th’.

iPhone 7

We had been expecting Apple to announce a date for the big media event any day now and it finally has done that today.

If you are keep tracking, then you would know that Apple announces every new iPhone in September and keeping with the tradition, it has done the same for the iPhone 7.

As you can see from the image below, Apple simply mentions see you on the 7th, hinting specially towards ‘7’, which is the version of the iPhone that is going to be released in September.

iPhone 7 september 7

Although not everything is known about the iPhone 7 but we do have an idea on what to expect. Apple is going to pack in the powerful A-series processor and enhance the camera to capture even more crystal pictures.

Design-wise we are not going to see a major change, Apple is sticking to the current aesthetics albeit some minor changes to the rear, especially the camera area.

Well I’m excited to know what’s coming from Apple on the 7th. Are you?

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