Mac OS X Lion Out! Download It Now To Enjoy All The New Features!

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It is finally here! Apple has released Mac OS X Lion and you can download it from the Mac App store and enjoy all the new features it has brought.

The Mac OS X Lion which was first previewed at this year’s WWDC brings in 250 new features and some of them are just sweet. Here we will tell you some of the features that it is bringing with it.

Mac OS X Lion New features

New Multi touch gestures

With Mac OS X Lion introduces new multi touch gestures such as including rubber-band scrolling, page and image zoom, and full-screen swiping.

Full Screen Apps

Get full screen for your apps for Mac OS X Lion

Mission control

This is the mother of everything on Mac. Mission Control as the name suggests gives you the ability to simply go anywhere in your Mac. Just swipe on your trackpad and it will bring you to the mission control from here you can go to the dashboard, App store, full screen apps and all other things.


Full screen home for all your apps.


No need to save again as Mac OS X lion brings the resume feature. This allows you to just close any window without the need to save it, just come back and start where you left off.


A new feature for the Mac OS X Lion, now you can share easily with all other Macs near you just use the Airdrop feature to send and receive files!

Download Mac OS X Lion

Download Mac OS X lion

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