Apple Employee Gets Fired After Posting Negative Comment On Facebook

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We all know how secretive Apple is about its product. Now we have something new. Apple is extremely conscious about what their employees comment on Social media regarding Apple, especially if its something bad. This is exactly what an Apple employee did and got fired.

Apple employee fired

Crisp an Apple store employee in the UK got fired for putting a negative comment on a “private” Facebook page about Apple and its product.

So how did this exactly happen? Well one of Crisp Facebook friends saw the message and printed the post and passed on to Apple store managers, who in turn fired Crisp for “gross misconduct”

Crisp has now appealed to the UK labour agency that it is an unfair dismissal as his message was private but Jamie Hamnett an attorney argues that Apple has a social media policy and they make it clear that any Apple employee commenting negatively about Apple or its products is strictly forbidden.

Key to the tribunal’s decision was the fact that Apple had a clear social media policy in place and had made it absolutely plain throughout the induction process that commentary on Apple products, or critical remarks about the brand, were strictly prohibited

The tribunal mentions that any negative comment regarding Apple by an employee can damage the company’s reputation. As Apple is very protective about its brand, this can be a big problem for employees.

Firing of Crisp due to a negative private message about Apple sends an awry image about the brand millions use around the world.

What are your thoughts on this?

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3 Comments to Apple Employee Gets Fired After Posting Negative Comment On Facebook

  1. Having a million friends on fb is not a trend anymore. You need to know who are your true friends and stop bitching about the company that signs your paycheck or go to HR and be a bitch!

  2. Printing out and passing on facebook comments to managers is completely pathetic, that person must have no life and be surrounded by cats.

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