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If you are a heavy user of Apple devices you probably use this not-so-popular feature FaceTime. The thing about FaceTime was that it could not be used over 3G, you had to have a Wi-Fi connection. Until Now. FaceTime can be used over 3G in iOS 5.

FaceTime iPad

A twitter user by the name of Hamza Sood has found out a little trick that would enable you to use FaceTime over 3G.

FaceTime 3G

Not sure if anyone has come across this but 3G Facetime is built into iOS 5, but disabled. To enable it add “3Gvenice” to SB capabilities

If you want to enable FaceTime over 3G go ahead and add 3Gvenice to your SB settings.

FaceTime using 3G was initially discovered a while back before iOS 5 was released, many expected that iOS 5 would bring this feature, but it did not. This is due to carriers being reluctant to let users use FaceTime over 3G.

Have you enabled FaceTime over 3G yet?

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