Tutorial On Blocking Specific Websites on iPhone & iPad

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If you have been wondering how to block specific websites on your iPhone and iPad, I have got you covered. In this post, I will cover the specific method on how you can block websites on the iPhone and iPad without a installing any third-party app. So let’s begin!

Block Websites iPhone & iPad

For whatever reason; maybe you don’t want your kids to access some websites or any other reason, there is a way to block websites on iPhone and iPad. Although Apple should have made it easy for blocking websites on the iPhone and iPad but that is not the case. You have to follow this step-by-step guide for blocking those websites.

Step 1: On your iPhone or iPad, head over to Settings > General > Restrictions.

Step 2: If you have enabled restrictions before it will ask you to enter the passcode if not enter a new passcode. Remember this is a different passcode from your iPhone or iPad’s passcode.

Step 3: Make sure Safari is on otherwise it will not open Safari.

Step 4: Scroll down to ‘Allowed Content’ and there you will see ‘Websites’. Tap on that.

Step 5: Now tap on ‘Specific Websites Only’. This is the white list content, so any website that is presented on it will be allowed to open. Anything that is not on the list will be blacklisted.

Step 6: To add a website, click on the add website button and fill in the details.

Once it has been added to the list, you can easily access it.

Bonus Step: If you want to add a website just type in the website address and tap on the ‘Allow Website’. This will automatically add the website to the white-list.

Well if you have followed the guide, it will show you how to block websites on iPad and iPhone. Although it is not that simple and Apple should have made it much better but that is the best option we have.

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