Use Saved Unlock Activation/Baseband Tickets To Unlock iPhone In Case Of A Restore: Cookie

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As you might already be aware that Apple has patched the loophole that was used to unlock iPhone and as a result you can no longer unlock your iPhone. So that’s the end of the unlock? Well not exactly. Read ahead to find out.

It’s not exactly the end of the unlock for those users who managed to unlock their iPhone and saved those precious activation/baseband tickets. Many were wondering what was the point of saving the tickets when you already had the unlock. Well folks those activation/baseband tickets are used whenever you need to restore your iPhone.

The need to restore an iPhone can arise any time, but when you restore it (without those activation tickets) you will lose your unlock status and will be back to a locked iPhone. So to save yourself from these hassle you can now restore the iPhone without losing your unlock. This is where the Cookie jailbreak cydia app comes in.

There was already a method to use those SAM activation tickets using iFile but that is quite complicated and now thanks to a developer Danniez the whole process is as simply as tapping a button.

Go to Cydia and search for Cookie and install the tweak which is available for free in the BigBoss repo. Once installed it will be available on your springboard. Tap on it and tap “Backup Activation”. As simple as that. You will need to do this whenever you restore your iPhone.

This is definitely one of those must have tweaks if you rely on unlocking your iPhone. So what do you think?

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12 Comments to Use Saved Unlock Activation/Baseband Tickets To Unlock iPhone In Case Of A Restore: Cookie

  1. David Gonzalez

    Well, for me it does, and does _good_, I did some tricks and as I saved my unlock tickets from two carriers in my country, I just restored them using SSH, then installed Cookie, and saved both of them, huh, now I can switch between SIMs and it seamlesly changes from movistar to Uff!, without any issue.

    Thank GOD for Locktar_Sun who gave me this chance, I’d be another looser complaining about my iPhone locked.

    Great I’m happy, happy with my unlocked gizmo.

  2. I save my activation tickets and downloaded cookie, but I keep getting sim card not supported. It resprings my device after I press attempt activation and everything. Can anyone put a tutorial on how to load activation tickets using cookie? I’m lost.

  3. Hi. I unlocked my Iphone 4 with SAM and saved tickets on my computer. Two days later I received an email from AT&T and now I have a factory unlocked Iphone. Can I use those tickets on another locked Iphone 4 with the same SIM card? Does it work? Thanks!

  4. Can some one told me. How to use this tools. I am scared of using this tool. I saved my activation ticket that is the lockdown folder as a zip. But what actually this COOKIE do when i will hit the backup button. I already backup my lockdown folder manually using ifile. Help me guys.

  5. Can anyone help mee ? Somone who can tell , me i have saved my activation ticket with redsnow and i had restored my iphone now how should i use this saved activation to use my network again please plesa any one who can help me please contact me in this email or i this coments : [email protected] , Thank Yoy

  6. Hey guys!! thanks in advance..

    I have unlocked my 4.11.08 iPhone 4 successfully, in order to use it with a different sim of the same carrier do i need to do the sam process again??? and I guess its already been closed?? help me please? I am confused. I have done the iFile thing and the bb ticket saved by redsnow also. What is this cookie and how does it work can you explain clearly Maypalo plz??

  7. I had lost my unlock but did run again using the dropbox and ifile, also downloaded and saved the cookie by it too, everything is working perfectly, my doubt is the following, as did the SAM for the first time I sent an email to myself lockdown of my chip, the doubt is that the following will serve only to unlock this chip or not, the IMSI is saved with it I can unlock other chips or not?

  8. Is it possible to restore backed up activation ticket to another iphone and work with the same sim card ???

  9. Hello guys
    today i reboot my iphone and later on my sam unlock not working any more and i saved my unlock ticket and everything but it showing me no service all the time,please i need some help and what i have to do now

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