Why The iPhone 7 Needs To Compatible With VR

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Sales of the iPhone fell for the first time this quarter since the launch of the iPhone; that is a big statement that will shock Apple investors. So what exactly happened? Why did iPhone; the most popular smartphone in the world, had a bad quarter? Let’s take a look at it.

Before judging the iPhone sales for this quarter, we need to look at the history. Apple not only missed the Wall Street expectations but fell short on sales for the first time in 13 years! As you can guess, this sent shock waves throughout Wall Street, as a result of that Apple lost $40 billion in one day!

Analyst and tech pundits have many reasons on why the sales fell. Some argue that the market has saturated, some say Apple has lost its charm. Whatever the reason might be; there is one thing for sure. Apple needs to come back - big time!

One of the ways and probably the only way is; Apple needs to make the up-coming iPhone, the iPhone 7, not just the best iPhone ever or the best smartphone in the world. Apple needs the iPhone 7 to be compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) or at least dive into the VR world.

If you haven’t already tried VR (which I highly suggest you do), it is going to be the way we connect, share information or just play games. The level of immersion VR gives is truly on another level, something which smartphones can’t match.

Tech titans have already jumped on the bandwagon, from Facebook to Samsung, everyone is working on VR. And, I’m pretty sure Apple is working on its own version of VR as we speak. But the thing is, Apple needs VR now and by ‘now’ I mean with the iPhone 7.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are already compatible with their VR and Oculus Rift is a major power-player. Google has its own version too. You know who we have no idea is working on VR? You guessed it right - Apple (to be fair Apple does have a pending patent regarding a VR system).

Apple VR headset

VR is going to be so crucial for Apple, that a large number of sales will entirely depend on the iPhone 7 being compatible with some VR devices out there (very unlikely) or Apple’s own version of VR (very likely).

Apple doesn’t need to waste more time when it comes to VR. Apple needs a VR device or some way of making the iPhone connect to a VR system. The more it delays, the more of a fate it will share with the Apple Watch (not revolutionary just another smart watch in the market).

If Apple does make a VR compatible with the iPhone 7, you know what it means? Everyone is happy and when everyone is happy, Apple investors and customers are happy.

So Apple if you are reading this, your homework is due earlier than you thought.

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