Here Is How To Do The Harlem Shake On The iPhone (Video)

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The Harlem Shake has taken the world by storm, literally everyone is doing it, whether it be the army, firemen or just any random person on the street. Harlem Shake is the next big thing. Well folks, it has finally landed on the iPhone. You can now do the Harlem Shake on the iPhone and here is how.

Harlem Shake on the iPhone!

Harlem Shake on the iPhone!

Harlem Shake iPhone

For those of you who don’t know what Harlem Shake is, well folks it is a type of dance in which a person for the first 15 seconds dances by himself, typically wearing a mask or a helmet. The last 15 seconds are the crazy part, it is in this time that everyone goes crazy, like literally crazy.

Well thanks to jailbreaking we can now do the Harlem Shake on the iPhone.

Here is a video showing the Harlem Shake on the iPhone. Check it out below:

Well that’s fun, right?

Those of you who want to do the Harlem Shake can do so by downloading a Cydia tweak. Filippo Bigarella a famous iOS developer has released the Harlem Shake for Cydia. Simply search for “Harlem Shake” in Cydia and download it for your iPhone.

If you can’t find it that way, go to Cydia and tap on the “changes” section and you will see it under 12 March.

Let us know if you like this Harlem Shake for the iPhone.

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