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It is finally here, the app most of you had been waiting for. Google Maps has finally come to the Apple Watch and you can download it for the watch right now.

Google maps is the world’s most widely used mapping system and probably the number one map app used on iOS devices which includes the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And, it will probably be the number one map app on the Apple Watch too.

Before Google maps, you only had Apple maps to rely on for the watch but now thanks to the watchOS 2, which allows native apps, you can download Google Maps for the watch.

google maps watch

The new version for Google maps allows you to easily compare times across driving, transit, walking and biking for different commutes, and obviously you can now send directions to places on your Apple Watch.

If you are an Apple Watch user, then this is a big thing for you. Although Apple has considerably improved maps on iOS but Google maps still beats it.

You can download Google Maps for Apple Watch here.

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