This Is How Apple Watch Can Save Your Life!

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Apple mentioned that the Apple Watch is a very close and personal device for the company and it is a major step towards improving people’s health. It surely wasn’t wrong about the latter one; or, in this case, saving a person’s life! Check out below on how you can use your Apple Watch to save your life too!

A 17-year old football player at Cape Cod, Massachusetts, used a simple but very informative feature on his Apple watch - checking the heart rate.

On average a person’s heart rate is somewhere between 60-100. But if you work out or are doing any other physical activity the heart rate goes up and after a resting period it goes back to normal. But that is not the case with 17-year old Paul Houle, whose heart rate was 145 - two hours after he had worked out!

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Paul was smart enough to go to the hospital and get checked. He later found out that he was in the initial stages of organ failure which includes the failure of heart, kidney and liver! If he had not checked his heart rate and had not gone to hospital, he would have most probably died!

If your heart rate is above the normal one such as the case with Paul, you should immediately get it checked by heading to your nearest hospital.

As you can imagine Paul credits the Apple Watch for saving his life.

If you have an Apple Watch, make sure you regularly monitor your heart rate. You never know when it might save your life.

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