Apple’s iPhone 4 Prototype Selling For A Staggering $1million!

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There are many people who complain about the expensive products of Apple that they are way too high priced. Imagine buying a phone that will not work and is full of bugs for $1million, sounds fake doesn’t it? Well folks here we have an orginal iPhone 4 prototype which is selling on ebay for a staggering $1million! Yes you read that right.

iPhone 4 prototype 1million

We all know how much people are crazy for Apple products but is this is just too much? Well for some it isn’t as the price of this is an unbelievable $999,999,01!

If you are one the one biding for this then you won’t be able to use it properly as you won’t be able to connect it to iTunes and use Sim card, so what exactly is the point of buying it? Well we are not exactly sure but to an Apple enthusiasts its like finding treasure except you are paying a huge amount for it.

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