iPhone 7 To Finally Come With 32 GB Minimum Storage

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We all wanted Apple to do one very important thing and that was to get rid of the 16 GB iPhone. Apple made you pay $100 more if you wanted to upgrade to a higher storage which was just plain stupid and greedy from Apple’s side considering how cheap storage has become these years. Well, it seems Apple has finally listened to their loyal fans.

According to a report from the renowned Wall Street Journal, Apple is finally ditching the 16GB iPhone in favor of the 32 GB minimum storage iPhone.

To some of you, this might not seem like a big deal but for the majority of iPhone users, this is a big one! You will no longer have to delete those pictures, or your apps just to make storage for other important things. Having twice the storage of the previous 16GB iPhone is going to make a difference without you not having to spend a dime.

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Apple is expected to keep the design of the iPhone 7 (or whatever it is going to call it) the same as the current generation iPhone, although it is going to be slimmer and water-proof. And, don’t forget, it is going to remove the headphone jack.

Personally for me, I’m just happy that Apple is getting rid of the 16GB iPhone. What about you?

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