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Get Your iPhone 4 A Stylish Tattoo Using iTattoo

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We have seen some fair share of awesome cases for the iPhone 4 and some even for the next generation iPhone, but ever wanted a tattoo for your iPhone 4? Well you can now get a stylish tattoo using iTattoo for your iPhone 4, well basically its a transparent cover with some cool designs on it.

iPhone 4 tattoo

As you can see from the pictures these do look pretty cool and we have to admit that it does make it look like that the iPhone has been custom made with these cool logos.

iPhone 4 tattoo bird

These logos or lets just say these tattoos for the iPhone 4 come in 6 different designs and these are; Highway, Dress it, It is iPhone, Main Dish, Don’t feed birds, and Keyboard.

iPhone 4 tatto Apple falling

These iPhone 4 cases are designed by Cement Produce Design

When the case is used with the iPhone 4, the illustration on the iTattoo complements the shape of the “apple” mark and makes a complete new graphic.

The case attaches easily and securely, providing device coverage, scratch protection, and direct access to all iPhone 4 feature. It’s an ideal choice when you want a lightweight, minimal case.

iPhone 4 tattoo car

These tattoos for your iPhone 4 aren’t that cheap and you will have to probably shell $48 for the case and if you include the shipping that would put you back around $80. Worth it?

Is this just another iPhone 4 case or THE iPhone 4 case for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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