How To Hack Siri To Start Your Car, Change Temperature, Turn On Lights & More!

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When Apple first unveiled Siri, many thought of it as a complete game-changer. To an extent, it did give Apple an advantage but it didn’t last long enough, as Google Now, the main competitor to Siri, has improved quite a lot. So how can Siri be improved? Or be taken to a next level? Well, it seems we might just have an answer in the form of “Googolplex”.

GoogolPlex Siri

Many developers had been hoping that Apple would open Siri to third-party app developers, but as of iOS 7.1, Siri is still in a closed frame. Apple shows no sign of opening Siri up to others. But that hasn’t stopped someone trying to get Siri to do some amazing things.

Enter GoogolPlex, a new way to interact with Siri.


Did you ever want Siri to do some cool stuff? Such as turning on your lights, changing your Nest thermostat temperature or even start a car? If yes is the answer to those questions, than you are in luck, as now you can!

Developers have managed to open up Siri to everyone. Now you can do some very cool things using just Siri - not just that - now you can even run your own commands and get Siri to do what you want.

nest Siri

GoogolPlex is basically a third-party app store for only Siri. You can create commands using JavaScript and use it on your iOS device or upload it so others can download it too and enjoy the benefits.

So how do you get GoogolPlex for Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? Well follow the simple guide below; you do not need to jailbreak or download anything; the procedure is very simple.

Hack Siri

Step 1: On your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch head over to Settings > WiFi.

Step 2: Select your network and head down to “HTTP PROXY”. Tap on the “Auto” button.

Step 3: Now in the URL enter:

That’s it! Now you can use the GoogolPlex commands and do some pretty interesting things on your Siri-enabled iOS device.

Here is a video showing how GoogolPlex works on the iPhone:

Once everything is in place, simply fire up Siri and say the command “GoogolPlex: (insert command)“. You do need to say the keyword “GoogolPlex” in order to use the custom commands.

The developers who created this hack for Siri mention that they do not store your personal information and only the commands starting with GoogolPlex are passed through their servers.

Well what are your thoughts about this GoogolPlex for Siri?

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