Snapchat’s New Story Explorer Feature Gives You In-dept Stories

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Snapchat is growing fast and quick adding more and more features as time goes by. Today Snapchat introduced a new feature called ‘Story Explorer’. What this feature does is, gives you more in-depth stories by showing you stories from a different perspective.

Snapchat Story Explorer

Currently whenever you check out the live stories that are posted by Snapchat, you get the story from one side. But if you want to go more in-depth on what is happening you can use the story explorer.

Whenever you are on a story and you see something interesting, you can swipe up from below and get the same story but from a different perspective.

snapchat explorer

This is definitely an interesting take by Snapchat to give users the ability to see things from a different perspective.

snapchat story explorer

Check out the video below that Snapchat posted regarding the Story Explorer.

Now whenever you see the ‘Explore’ tag simply swipe up to get more information regarding that particular snap.


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