Netflix Available in Pakistan, India & 130 More Countries!

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Those of you who were waiting for Netflix to come to your country; well, rejoice as Netflix today announced a huge news for its fans all over the world. Netflix is launching in 130 countries including the populous countries of Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Russia and more!

Netflix, the popular movie streaming site was mostly available in North America and Europe, and there was no mention of the service moving to different countries because of various restrictions and other legal hurdles. Well, it seems that Netflix has over come most of them.

Netflix today announced a big milestone and that is, it’s streaming service is being launched in Pakistan, India and other 130 countries!

netflix regions

As you can see from the chart above, Netflix is available almost in every country in the world except a few. One of the big countries that is still not available for Netflix to work on is in China - no reason provided here.

This is great news but I should mention here is that some dramas or movies might not be available in every country because of streaming rights or other legal issues. But the vast majority of Netflix collections is going to be available in every country!

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