Thanks To Apple For Giving The Mobile Industry A Major Boost

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Apple. The name is now more famous as a technology company than a fruit, or at least as famous. Well it seems that if it wasn’t for Apple the mobile industry would have been flat for almost half a decade according to a new research from Morgan Keegan.

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Before the launch of iPhone back in 2007, no one expected that the Apple’s smartphone would have such an impact on the growth of the mobile industry and when the iPhone was launched, it simply changed everything. In fact it brought such a change that without Apple’s iPhone the mobile industry has been stagnant for almost 5 years.

To put this in to prospective, the mobile industry revenue for Q4 2011 was $71.4 billion and if we remove Apple’s share it would be around $37.97 billion. Now back to 2007 before iPhone’s launch; the mobile industry (Q4 2007) had a revenue of $37.93 billion and if we compare that to last year’s, its almost same!

Apple is dominating the industry’s pool of profits. With about 11 percent of industry shipment volumes of smartphones and tablets, Apple generates about 47 percent of the industry’s revenues, and over 80 percent of its operating profits

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So thanks to Apple for giving the mobile industry a major boost.

Apple now the world’s most valuable company, worth over $400 billion is set to reach even high numbers when it launches its next generation iPhone, the much-awaited iPhone 5.

Lets see what the new products bring in for Apple.

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