12% Adoption Rate For iOS 9 In The First 24 Hours

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12 percent of all worldwide iOS users downloaded and installed iOS 9 on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the first 24 hours according to Mixpanel, an analytical firm that keeps track of iOS adoption rates.

Now the 12 percent might seem a bit low but when you take in count that there are more than 500+ million iOS devices in the world, the numbers show that millions downloaded and installed iOS 9 in the first 24 hours. So that is pretty great news for Apple.

Usually the rate of adoption increases later on when more and more people tune into their settings on their iOS device and see a new version is available.

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If we are to look at the adoption rate of iOS 9 and compare it to previous version, iOS 9 is actually a bit slower when it comes to adoption rate. iOS 8 adoption rate for the first 24 hours was 16%. Now that doesn’t mean people won’t update to iOS 9 in the coming days. The rate of adoption will be much higher by the end of this month.

Have you updated to iOS 9 yet?

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