Apple Admits iPhone 5C Was Not Popular

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of us - Apple’s iPhone 5c did not sell well. To be honest, it did not have any impact in the tech world, unlike Apple’s almost every iPhone. And, it seems Apple is acknowledge this fact. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, has admitted that iPhone 5c has not been popular as they expected.

Tim Cook yesterday told Wall Street investors during Apple’s earning call that iPhone 5c has not been as popular as Apple originally expected. Apple wanted the iPhone 5c to be the stepping stone when it comes to entering the Apple world.

A $100 price reduction was not enough to lure many people in to the Apple-sphere, as we are now finding out.

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According to a previous report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is going to scrap the plan for a next version of the iPhone 5c. Apple will not introduce a plastic iPhone this year.

I for one, will be very happy if Apple stops producing the iPhone 5c. It wasn’t going to take off as we thought and now we have the confirmation from Apple itself.

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Apple is going to introduce two new iPhones this year, and both of them are going to be large.

According to many reports Apple will most likely launch the iPhone 6 with a large 4.8 inch display. Some are even going as far as mentioning that Apple will bring an “iPhablet” in the market - a large 5″+ iPhone.

Well let’s see what Apple has in store for us this year.

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