Save Almost 40% Battery Using iOS 9’s Low Power Mode!

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iOS 9 has tons of new cool features and one of these is the ‘low Power Mode’, which to be honest hasn’t been properly discussed in the past. Apple mentions that it wcan add a couple of more hours to your battery life when activated at the 20% battery mark. But imagine having it turned on all the time - what would be the result? Well, that’s exactly what one person did to find out!

Whenever you turn the Low Power Mode, it does a few things which include reducing the number of background app refresh, stopping automatic downloads and others. It doesn’t truly affect your iPhone if you are not a heavy user. Personally for me, I don’t feel much of a difference when it is turned on and when it is not - and I use my iPhone a lot!

Well so let’s dig into the details of using the Low Power Mode all the time.

low power mode

Matt Birchler did a review on the iOS 9’s Low Power Mode and found out that you can save up to 38.7% in average when your iPhone is in the Low Power Mode. Which to me sounds very impressive considering that the iPhone doesn’t turn off any major features such as the ones found in Android smartphones. Which basically turn off so many features that it is not a smart phone anymore.

iPhone battery graph

The graph above shows the difference between the normal mode and the low power mode, and as you can see the difference is quite big.

Even the good ‘normal days’ was still much lower than the bad Low Power Mode days, which shows that low power mode does play a major part in reducing the battery usage.

You can read the entire review, which details a lot of things.

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