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Once in a while, an app comes that just makes you think twice about what you are doing. mSpy is one of those apps, and by far one of the best at what it does. So what does it do exactly? Well it’s an app that secretly tracks everything you do on a smartphone! And, it is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry! Check out the details below.

mSpy Tracking App

mSpy is surprisingly a legal application for your smartphone, the reason this being legal is, it has some benefits but on the downside it has some serious privacy implications. mSpy can track almost everything on your smartphone; it’s extremely terrifying!

Once you download and install mSpy app for your iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphone, it starts doing its work. It identifies a person as a “target” and starts tracking everything; ranging from keystrokes to SMS to videos. You name it - it tracks it.

I asked the developer behind the mSpy app and this is what he had to say about how the app works:

Our application works the way that you install it directly on the phone that you want to monitor (physically accessing the device) and after that all of the available information from the target device is delivered to your personal mSpy online control panel, which you can access from any other device with internet connection - your pc, laptop, phone or tablet.


The less worrying thing is that, to install mSpy on your smartphone or tablet, you need to have direct access to it. So it can not be done simply by sending out a file to another person’s smartphone.

Here is a list of things that mSpy app can track:

  • SMS.
  • Call history.
  • GPS Locations.
  • Contact list.
  • Photos.
  • Videos.
  • Recording Surroundings.
  • Emails.
  • Memos.
  • Events.
  • Browser History/Bookmarks.
  • Installed App.
  • Restrict Incoming Calls 
  • Block URL’s
  • Block Phone
  • Block/Unblock App
  • Select Preferred Internet Provider
  • Whatsapp and Skype MSG/Call logs
  • MMS + iMessage 

The Android version of mSpy can not only do the above but it can also read your messages on Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Skype and Gmail. But for these, your Android phone should be rooted.

For iPhone and iPad, your iOS devices should be jailbroken. No doubt about that.

mSpy messages

mSpy app can be downloaded by heading over to But do note that this service to track everything starts at $40 per month.

Well are you going to be downloading mSpy app and use its tracking services? Drop a comment below.

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