You Can Pre-order An iPhone 5 Right Now From Duetshce Telekom

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In one of our previous articles, we informed you about the pre-order dates for the upcoming iPhone 5, as for international market it is going to be few days after the launch of the new iPhone. But now, according to a news, European carriers are starting to provide pre-order tickets to its customers, who want an iPhone 5 as soon as possible and are ready to pay for it.

As per multiple sources, it is claimed that the executives of Apple will hold the stage on 12th September 2012 to announce the launch of the aesthetic next-gen iPhone. Well if you want to book your iPhone 5 before the release date, Duetsche Telekom has it covered for you. It is the first European carrier that is issuing pre order tickets for the iPhone 5, if you remember at the time of release of iPhone 4S, Duetsche Telekom did the same thing.

Here is what’s written on the tickets:

This ticket includes the premiere of you mentioned the newsletter and delivery of the new iPhone when it becomes available. The supply of SET, and I write deliberately large, then made for the launch. Means that customers get Nr.001 premiere ticket and receive their device on the first day by DHL Express parcel post. Deliveries are made exactly according to the ticket numbers: first come, first served basis, literally.

Soon other carriers such as Vodafone will also be issuing these pre-order tickets, so if you want the new iPhone immediately after its release then buy such tickets as these limited tickets will be given on the basis of first come first buy.

Well if you are going to pre-order an iPhone 5, head over to the German Duetshce Telekom page to get yourself a pre-order ticket.

Are you going to get one? Let us know in the comment section below.

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