iPad 2 Jailbreak Will Not Be On Jailbreakme?

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As the rumor mill turns regarding the iPad 2 jailbreak, we have another bit of interesting information for all those iPad 2 owners. As most of you by now know that if the iPad 2 jailbreak will be released it will be on jailbreakme, the site which previously hosted the famous “slide to jailbreak” method.

The site jailbreakme.com is up for sale! Yes folks you heard that right. The famous site is up for auction at godaddy for a price of $2500 and already there are 27 offers with a time limit of 12 days and 14 hours ( at the time of writing).

jailbreakme for sale

As you can see from the above picture that it is on sale. This is one bit of interesting information as most of the users expected the iPad 2 jailbreak to be released on jailbreakme. What this shows is that it will be probably released on another site and to be sure we can’t even confirm if the iPad 2 jailbreak will even be called jailbreakme 3.0.

Is the this drama too much for you? Well it certainly is for me and probably most of the iPad 2 owners who have been waiting for ages for someone to release an iPad 2 jailbreak.

We will be updating you on all the latest news regarding the iPad 2 jailbreak so keep visiting us back.

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