Download BiteSMS 8.0 For iOS 7 On iPhone (Beta)

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We have some great news for those folks who have jailbroken their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. BiteSMS, one of the most popular tweaks has been updated for iOS 7. Those of you with a jailbroken iPhone can head over to Cydia and download BiteSMS 8.0 for the iPhone.

Download BiteSMS iOS 7

BiteSMS is one of those Cydia tweaks which almost every jailbreak users knows about it. For those of you who are uninitiated with it; it is a very popular messaging app for the iPhone that completely revamps the stock messaging app.

BiteSMS allows you to: quick reply, auto reply, scheduled messages, auto-forward, password protection and much more. It is one of those must-have Cydia tweaks for message-holics.

As the iOS 7 jailbreak was released unexpectedly; the BiteSMS team did not have a chance to update their famed Cydia tweak for iOS 7. But today it has finally been updated. The new version, which is called BiteSMS 8.0 has been released but do remember this is a beta version.



The new version of BiteSMS for iOS 7 is out but there is a slight problem with it; it is a beta! As you would expect with most beta versions, you might find some glitches or bugs while using BiteSMS 8.0 for the iPhone.

The developers behind BiteSMS have mentioned that they are working diligently to fix those bugs and glitches and the final version of BiteSMS for iOS 7 will fix most of these bugs.

BiteSMS 8.0 beta is available in Cydia in the BigBoss repo but for some reason if you can’t find it there, you can download BiteSMS from repo.

Well are you going to download BiteSMS for iOS 7?

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  1. Farhan, i was able to fix the loop issue for ipad 2 jailbreak. You may write a blog on this. what i did is to update my iPad 2 to 7.1 Beta 1. and jailbreak it using evasi0n. hope this help others

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