It Cost $1.3 Million To Unlock This iPhone!

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Remember the case of San Bernardino, especially the case between Apple and F.B.I? F.B.I dropped the case against Apple as they found a way to unlock that specific iPhone 5C. So how did they manage to unlock that iPhone? Well as it turns out they paid a ridiculous amount of money to a hacker to unlock it - $1.34 million to be exact!

According to a report from Reuters, at the Aspen Security Forum in London, a person asked the F.B.I director how much it cost to unlock the iPhone and his response was “A lot. More than I will make in the remainder of this job, which is seven years and four months for sure”. If you do the math that is about $1.34 million.


As you can imagine this is a huge amount being paid to a single hacker to do that. If we look at the history this might be the most expensive hack the U.S. government has ever paid someone to hack into a software.

Now this is a crazy amount but considering how Apple zero-day exploits are sold on the black market, this might not be the biggest. But one thing is for sure, it is definitely going to raise some questions whether paying this amount was a logical thing or not; according to Comey, F.B.I director, it definitely is. What do you think?

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