Ultrasnow iPhone Unlock Is Dead!

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The most popular type of iPhone unlocking is the software unlock which is sometimes called baseband hacking. This type of unlocking has became so famous that many people started setting up companies just to unlock an iPhone via a software method. But out of all these software unlocks, a free software named Ultrasnow became the most famous way to unlock an iPhone. Well it seems its time is over. Software unlock for the iPhone has become a thing of the past.

Ultrasnow iPhone Unlock

George Hotz a.k.a Geohot, a hacker at heart, was the first person to unlock an iPhone way back before company could manage to do it. With some help from friends he not only created a series of softwares that could jailbreak the iPhone but also other programs that could unlock the iPhone.

So the trend continued, which was to develop and improve softwares that could easily unlock an iPhone.

Ultrasnow was developed by the iPhone Dev Team and over the years it has improved greatly, having the ability to unlock new and harder baseband versions. The best thing about this Ultrasnow is that it is completely free to be used by anyone. Anyone who can jailbreak their iPhone can easily use Ultrasnow and unlock their iPhone on a compatible firmware/baseband.

So what exactly is the problem now?

Ultrasnow is no longer being developed. It basically is dead!

Ultrasnow Is Dead!

You might think that I have gone crazy as you can still use Ultrasnow to unlock iOS 6 or iOS 6.0.1. Well it is true that Ultrasnow can unlock iPhone on iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1 but keep in mind that it isn’t the official Ultrasnow it’s Ultrasnow fixer which is developed by another hacker not the iPhone Dev team.

Besides that, the last major upgrade to Ultrasnow was more then a year ago! Ultrasnow mostly unlocks iPhone 3GS basebands with an exception of baseband 1.59.00 which is an iPhone 4 baseband.

Ultrasnow iPhone unlock is dead!

So basically we do not have any upgrade of Ultrasnow in the near future. Hell, we are not even going to get a major upgrade to Ultrasnow at all in the future!

The reason? Well read below.

Why Is Ultrasnow Dead?

Now you might be wondering why the hell is Ultrasnow dead. Well the answer is quite simple; hackers are no longer working on it, this is not me saying it but the main person behind the iPhone Dev team, musclenerd.

Musclenerd who is basically the leader of the iPhone dev team mentioned in Hack In The Box conference that software unlocks and baseband hacking is virtually irrelevant nowadays.

Here is the entire video which shows some famed hackers talking about jailbreaking iPhone and regrading unlocking the iPhone and why it is irrelevant.

For those of you who do not want to watch the video; let me tell you the reason why they think that software iPhone unlocks have become irrelevant, well the answer is because of factory unlocks.

It has become so easy for third parties to add IMEI’s to Apple’s unlocked device database that getting an iPhone unlocked has become super easy for a small sum of money. Although the prices for factory unlocked iPhone’s have become quite cheap recently but nonetheless you will have to pay third party vendors.

Now this to some will make quite sense, (remember these developers are not responsible for unlocking your iPhone) but to a vast to majority of you it will be quite disappointing.

Let’s just hope that we get some other great software unlock for iPhone soon. Nobody likes to pay for an unlock, right?

Well what do you think about Ultras0w being dead? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. now a day unlocking is not a problem but waiting for iphone 5 ios 6 jailbreak… what about sprint iphone 5 unlock which will not work in US GSM network only for overseas unlock available in market with much expensive price. so in future is there any way to use sprint phone on other US GSM network…. please update…

  2. Is there any way to Bypass activation screen for Iphone 5 Sprint to get home screen without sprint activation screen….

  3. Fu*k Apple and musclenerd too ! hacke baseband for iPhone 4 is more important than the f**king cydia and untethered JB !

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