iPhone 6 To Be Released On October 14: Rumour

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We are getting closer and closer to the release date for the iPhone 6, therefore the rumours are starting to pour in. Today we have an interesting rumour regarding the release date for the iPhone 6. October 14: that is the day being reported as the release day for the iPhone 6 to the public. Well is October 14 the real ‘iPhone 6 dayā€™. Well letā€™s take a look.

The rumour comes via MacrumorsĀ which mentions an internal personal as the source of this rumour. It says that a store leader has mentioned October 14 to be an immense day for Apple stores hinting towards what might be the release date for the iPhone 6.

It also mentions that the entire October month to be really busy for Apple - something which shouldnā€™t really surprise many people.

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If you have been following the Apple news for quite sometime then you would know that; previous rumours, leaks and reports have mentioned the month of September as the date you will be able to get your hands on the iPhone 6 and the iPhone Air - the larger Apple iPhone.

September 15, or the 19th are one of the dates which have been coming up again and again. So the ‘truth weight-ageā€™ for these is quite higher.

Well like all rumours take this with a pinch of salt. Nothing is confirmed until Apple says it is.


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