Apple Is Eager To Know About Your Response For Its Software

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Apple’s gadgets and software are so simple to use, due to the friendly interface, that they are always marked as the best. Thus, since the release of iOS 6, unlimited users have shifted to the new software, which shows the success of the fruit company. However this is our point of view about the company, but something that is also very crucial to be noticed is that what does Apple think about its customer’s response. Now you must be wondering that does Apple even bother for this? Yes it does and here is the proof for this.

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Apple’s survey is on, in which it is asking its users to give their precious reviews about the new products that it has launched recently. As the preamble added: “The purpose of this survey is to discuss your usage of different computer applications. When you answer the questions, please be as honest and clear as possible so that we can understand what you think and how you really feel.”

Apple previously never showed such a desire to work on its customer’s response but after the Apple vs. Samsung trial, the company has became more conscious, to get more closer to the its customers.

If we have a look on the type of questions that were asked in the survey then we get to know that many of the questions are a detailed analysis of an individual’s technological habits. While the last question is a bit surprising one, in which Apple asked, “Apple wants to know whether there’s something the company could do to improve my MacBook Air.”

What do think about Apple’s new survey?

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