Apple Will Start Selling Apple Car In 2019: WSJ

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We have a very interesting report today from the Wall Street Journal regarding the Apple Car and that is regarding the release date for the car. Apple has increased the speed at which it works on its rumored Project Titan and is planning for a release timeframe somewhere in 2019. That is earlier than expected.

We have been hearing rumors and reports regarding the Apple car for quite sometime now and recently these reports have started to gain good ground. Guardian newspaper previously published a report saying that Apple car is ready to be tested on public roads and is in talks with Californian government official regarding permits.

Now we have the Wall Street Journal mentioning that Apple has sped up its process on the car and is taking it very seriously.

Apple is going to triple the people working on the Project Titan car, which already has an estimated 600 people working on it.

BMW i3 Apple Car

If Apple indeed does that, which I believe it will, the car will be out in the markets earlier from the 2020 rumored timeframe.

The report also mentions that, Apple car is not going to be fully autonomous as some people had thought. It’s going to be an electric car with ‘many self-driving features’.

Apple spent a year looking at possibilities for developing its car before going ahead with the project.

Apple has recently been on a hiring spree. Hiring experts from other car manufacturers including BMW and Tesla.

Now it is without a doubt if Apple is going to release a car or not.

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