Beware Of Scams Claiming To Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 (Must Read)

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It has been quite sometime since I at Maypalo wrote something relating to the “iPhone 4 unlock baseband 4.11.08” but since the last time I wrote something relating to the unlock 4.11.08 scene there has been quite a few news regarding the unlock scene. Most of it as you guessed it by now are fake people claiming to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08.

iPhone 4.11.08 scam

Most of you who have got locked iPhone 4 are; well basically really tired of waiting for the unlock to come out for the baseband 4.11.08. As most of the people who do not have patience are “desperate” for the unlock solution to come out. So this is where the scammers come in. They take advantage of those users who are desperate and scam them for money.

As time has gone by more and more people are claiming that they have unlocked iPhone 4 on baseband 4.11.08. Guess what? They are just fake people who want their day of fame or to make some money from you who are willingly to pay for the unlock without confirming whether it works or not.

There has recently been a lot of so-called hackers who show pictures (which are photo-shopped)  or videos which have been edited, proving that they managed to unlock their iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08. So seeing is believing right? Well in this case it is not. When someone shows you pictures or videos relating to unlocking iPhone, which look a little sketchy, you should definitely give a second thought before telling others that this method works.

One of the most common ways these scammers make the unlock easy-to-believe is that they create multiple accounts on various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with different user names and post on people’s walls. Not just on other user accounts but also on various blog’s pages. This way these scammers get the word out on an “unlock solution that works“.

This sharing of fake unlock by users lead to a ripple effect. What this means is that more and more people start clicking on links or download files that are fake containing viruses or other things that can harm not only your iPhone but also your computer. One such file was recently created by a user called @NoLoveMoreMoney on twitter, which was not only fake but also harmful to your iPhone.

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What You Should Do

This is where Maypalo comes in.

We at Maypalo will provide you with real news relating to “unlocking iPhone 4 baseband 4.11.08” which will be guaranteed to work for unlocking baseband 4.11.08. So DO NOT download any files or try any other method which these so-called hackers tell you to do so until it has been CONFIRMED BY MAYPALO.

We try most of the methods for unlocking iPhone 4 out there and see which ones work or not. So far sadly most of these methods do not work. The best thing to do right now is to wait. Yes folks, I know as you have already waited for such a long time but why not wait a little more and get a free unlock right?

Yes folks a free unlock. If you had been following Maypalo for sometime you would have known about a real unlocking solution for the iPhone that is currently being developed by Sherif Hashim and will be most likely released in Ultrasnow 1.3.

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28 Comments to Beware Of Scams Claiming To Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 4.11.08 (Must Read)

  1. When will musclenerd And all the other hakers see that the iPhone unlock has to come first And jailbreak after? The iPhone is a obove all a PHONE And if i cant make calls why should i want it jailbroken? 04.11.08 unlock urgent.
    now that all iphones have jailbreak let see if this guys will finnaly unlock 04.11.08 bb that is what they should have done first,i wanna hear the excuse now…….

    • You need a jailbroken phone to install Ultrasn0w. If you want an unlocked phone without jailbreak then ask Gevey or buy a factory unloked Iphone.

  2. Maypalo: You publicated some days ago news about React0r as a 4.11.08 solution, but it has beed considered as a FAKE by MuscleNerd. How could we trust on you?

  3. Centroamerica waits unlock for 4.11.08, is necessary, it is not possible to use as alone telephone as ipod, it is not good.

  4. you need to jailbreak your phone IN ORDER to unlock it. dont be ignorant. be patient. moronic posts like that mostly discourage anyone working on the unlock.

    • you did not understood what i said,did you?
      we already have cydia and ultrasnow they could have unlocked bb 04.11.08 first so we can use and make calls with our iphone and then they would have all the time in the world to work on the jailbreak,but by making the jailbreak first we dont have a phone we have a very expensive ipod touch.

  5. Farhan…the way you sound soo optimistic in each post it seems that the Unlock is just going to be released tomorrow. Does Sherif really have the time of day to unlock 4g or do we all simply forget the iphone and just simply buy the Galaxy or the HTC EVO. I mean seriously Apple has got to realize that all this carrier unlocking bullshit is really not helping them sell.

  6. Beholder, do you understand the concept?
    to unlock an iphone you MUST JB your iphone first..
    stop complaining and leave it to them..
    just pray it will be done soon,
    if you wont do so then buy an FU iphone..

    • yes i understand the concept and i know what i am saying, my iphone is locked in 04.11.08 bb and running in ios 4.3.5 that is why i said they could unlock first and jailbreak after

  7. This is great news. but can you please update us when the release would be for Ultrasnow? I would love to know more about this unlock. It’s software, and free. that way I wouldn’t have to buy a new Gevey sim for my baseband. If it’s okay, I would truly appreciate it if one of you could email me whenever the unlock is already available. Thank you so much. I’m desperate

  8. @AlexwithIphone4Noservice:(

    We’ve been waiting a lot… All right WE were the ones who upgraded for 5.0.1 but who knew what it will happened ??? They are the Hackers, not me. The whole idea of Dev- team is 2 make money fron the donating folks . How much money could AT&T offered them? Let’s put 10 bucks each and everyone and make a raise for @Musclenerd and @ Sherif 4 unlocking our f…ing 04.11.08. Or lets sell our Iphones and lets buy Samsungs…Am I right ? I can wait but im starting to feel that Android is the way …

  9. Hope New Gevey sim release soon. Many people waiting for it long time ago. They said that Buy Iphone4 Version5.0.1 BB 4.11.08 use as an ipod 🙁

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