Apple Calls Developing Backdoor To iPhone ‘Equivalent of Cancer’

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In an exclusive interview given to ABC news, Tim Cook, Apple’s C.E.O., talked about the F.B.I.’s case regarding unlocking one of the San Bernardino attacker’s iPhone. And, he mentioned one surprising thing. He called that creating a backdoor software to unlock that iPhone as ‘equivalent to cancer’.

In the interview which is embedded below, Tim Cook talks about how important this case for Apple is and how it is going to shape our future.

If Apple indeed does create the software or in this case what people call it, the ‘backdoor’ software’, then it is going to put hundreds of millions of other customers on the risk of privacy invasion.

As you can see that calling this backdoor software equivalent of cancer is something that will not be likely taken by anyone let alone the government.

Tim Cook interview

This debate is surely interesting on whether Apple should unlock the iPhone or not but what I think, as Tim Cook mentioned was that this debate should be held in congress not somewhere else. And, how this case is going to effect every other case in the future.

What are your thoughts on this?

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