Insight - Google Glass App Will Recognize You By What You Wear!

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Google Glasses are going to be the next big thing, not just because they are awesome in their own use but because we are going to have some pretty mind-blowing apps that are going to be compatible with Google Glass. Check out an app called Insight that is being developed that will surely leave you drooling for Google Glass.

Google glasses project

Google Glass is itself a mind-boggling product that helps you to remain connected to the augmented world, while being in the real world. And now for the first time we are starting to see what kind of apps that would be compatible with it. This app, called InSight has been designed for the upcoming Google Glass that has some unbelievable features, which were never thought of before.

InSight app that you will operate through the little Google Glasses on your eyes, will actually facilitate you to recognize your friends in the crowd, and this time not by their faces but by their clothing. So if you are in a fully packed place and wondering where to look for you friends then your glasses will point out to your friends.

The app senses the dressing style of people around you. What colors they usually prefer or what type of  jeans they commonly like to wear and then accordingly tracks them. This means the fashion style of your friends will be the recognizing sign for them, which we can simply call style with innovation.

Google Glass design

Facial recognition is something that is already in use in the tech world. We have them in smartphones and other biometric security features but getting this technology mainstream by the use of Google Glass is going to be pretty Epic.

What are your views about InSight Google Glass app?

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