How To Jailbreak And Hacktivate iPhone On iOS 6.0.1

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Maypalo is always there to help out its readers about all the problems related to their iDevices, thus today we have brought the newly arrived guide about how to first jailbreak and then bypass iOS 6.0.1 activation screen without SIM card. This guide is a time saving and an efficient one, in which you have to follow few easy steps that will guide you how to activate iPhone without SIM card in iOS 6.0.1.


Untethered jailbreak Redsnow

Before we start with the major steps to jailbreak and hacktivate iPhone on iOS 6.0.1,  there is something more important to be mentioned and that is, this guide is only applicable for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.0.1. Thus those having iPhone 4S and 5 with iOS 6.0.1 should not struggle to activate their iPhone without SIM card using this guide. Secondly, each time your battery dies or you switch off your device then you have to reboot it using redsow.

Now one last thing before starting is about the things you must download to activate iPhone without SIM card in iOS 6. Here the list of programs you need to download:

Steps To Hackctivate On iOS 6.0.1

Finally comes the most awaited steps. Follow the simply sets to activate iPhone without a SIM card in iOS 6.o.1.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone with your PC.

Step 2: Run redsnow, go to extras and then select IPSW.

Step 3 Now select your firmware and make sure that it says successfully identified. But if it is unable to identify then this means your firmware file is corrupted so redownload it from another source.

Step 4: Then go back and click jailbreak which will take few seconds to be completed. Til that you turn off your device.

Step 5: Now in redsnow your see the little menu, where you have to make sure install Cydia has been checked.

Step 6: Now click next and then put your device in DFU mode, for which you have to hold the Power button for 3 seconds, then hold the Home button without releasing the Power button for 10 seconds. Release the Power Button but keep holding the Home button.

Step 7: Continue holding he home button until you see redsnow  jailbreaking your iPhone.

 On reboot you will find cydia on your screen but if you try to open it then it will open up but close again. So for this you have to reboot using redsnow. This is the method that you have to follow whenever you reboot your device.

Step 8: go to redsnow and select IPSW.

Step 9: Now click on just boot tethered and then next.

Step 10: As soon as you select next, put your device in DFU mode, in the same way mentioned above.

You are done with your jailbreak and hacktivation of your iPhone on iOS 6.0.1. You will now see cydia on your springboard, which means you have successfully completed the guide.

Do tell us through the below medium below, whether this guide was helpful to you or not and also notify us your problems, so that we can help you!

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  1. Hi, I have done this 4 times, including just boot and cydia not appears. Any way. Help me, please.

    Tks, Paolo Vinco

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