Apple Watch 2 To Be Available Next Summer 2016

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Apple is working hard on the new Apple Watch - the Apple Watch 2 according to a new report today. The report claims that Apple is going to release the watch next summer in 2016 with improved specifications.

This new report comes via an Apple supplier in Taiwan who claim that Apple is going to start a small batch production in the second quarter of next year and in the third it is going to go in full production.

Apple is expected to improve the software and hardware both for the Apple Watch 2. This includes: improved Wi-Fi, a camera for video calling and connection to carrier/network. If the Apple Watch 2 gets us away from the dependence of an iPhone; it would be great!

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Apple Watch 2 is also going to greatly improve in the fitness category, so those of you who are into fitness; expect some major improvements.

Well we are still far away from the release of the Apple Watch 2, so expect more news regarding the watch.

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