Apple Watch Sales Have Dropped 90% Since Launch Day!

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This news might be bad for Apple and it’s investors and even for developers who are creating applications for the Apple Watch. According to a new report published today by MarketWatchit notes that Apple Watch sales have dropped by 90 percent since the launch day - a staggering number for Apple’s standard.

This data regarding Apple’s major drop in Apple Watch sales come via Palo Alto, Calif.-based Slice Intelligence. Which tracked electronic receipts sent to millions of customers.

Apple was selling around 200,000 watches per day during the first week and since then it has dropped to 20,000 units per day and even some days going as low as 10,000.

As you can see this might spell bad news for Apple and the investors.

Apple Watch consumer reports

Just like with all reports, take this with a pinch of salt as it is not something that has been confirmed by Apple. We can’t be sure on how many Apple watches are being sold as Apple is not releasing the numbers - maybe it is doing bad? Whatever the case maybe we can’t be sure of the final numbers.

Well, until Apple releases the final numbers for Apple Watch, we can’t know for sure. How do you think the Apple Watch is doing?

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