Apple Watch 2 Likely To Be Released In Late 2016

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If you haven’t bought the Apple Watch, this might be somewhat good news for you. According to a recent memo published by Cowen and Company; it mentions that Apple Watch 2 is going to be available in the later half of 2016, which to be honest is not really surprising. If you were waiting for a smart watch that is improved from the current version, this might be it.

According to the memo, Cowen and Company mentions the second-gen Apple Watch will have roughly the same design but the internals are going to get an upgrade. The battery is definitely on the list for getting improvements.

Not a lot is known about the Apple Watch 2 right now, pretty much all the ‘memos’ or ‘reports’ are just rumors. So take it with a pinch of salt.

Apple Watch consumer reports

Apple might be making some minor changes to the design, which includes making the Apple Watch thinner.

As I mentioned above all of these are just rumors so nothing is really confirmed until Apple says so.

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