The iPad Air 2: What You Should Know!

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Apple finally removed the curtains from the iPad Air 2, and as expected there is nothing we didn’t know about it. All the rumours and leaks are true and there is nothing really majorly different about the new iPad Air 2 compared to the iPad Air. But there are enough differences under the hood to make you think about buying the device.

iPad Air 2

When you look at the iPad Air 2, you would see no major difference aesthetically speaking, although a minor one and that is the device has been slimmed down. In fact the device is really, really thin; it’s thinner than a pencil and Apple is branding it as the “world’s thinnest tablet”. It measures 6.1 mm thickness!

iPad Air 2

Overall the design of the iPad Air 2 is the same as the previous one, so when you look at it you’re not going to see any difference. The only difference you will note is when you hold the device in your hand. The device weighs 437 grams.

As we expected the iPad Air 2 features an A8X processor with an M8 motion coprocessor. This seriously gives the iPad Air 2 a boost in terms of performance.

The iPad Air 2 now has: the second-gen 64-bit architecture, 2.5x faster graphics, and 40 percent faster CPU, giving this device a serious boost.

Apple has also introduced the Touch ID for the iPad Air 2; just like we expected.

iPad Air 2 Touch ID

Apple has improved the front and the rear camera for the iPad Air 2. The rear camera now features an 8 megapixel iSight camera with Burst Mode (that is the only new thing compared to the previous model).

For the front camera, Apple has included a new sensor so expect the FaceTime quality to be better. For video recording the only new thing is the slow-mo feature, it will now record in 120 fps not the 240 of the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus.

iPad Air 2 camera

Other neat features in the iPad Air 2 are fully laminated display and anti-reflective coating, which will make the images more vivid on the new model.

It also features a Barometer, to measure elevation just like the new iPhone models.

The battery life is the same as the previous iPad Air, it will give you 10 hour battery usage or as Apple likes to call it “all-day long battery”.

The prices for the iPad Air 2 are: $499, $599, $699 for 16 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB respectively. iPad Air 2 preorders start from tomorrow, which is October 17 and will be ready to ship next week.

What are your thoughts on the iPad Air 2?

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