Cydia Lands On Android Devices! Download Cydia For Android!

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What makes iOS one of its kind? Cydia and Jailbreaking, right? This is the only thing which makes iOS better than Android but what if Cydia becomes available to Android users? This is not just a rumor but is the biggest news across the jailbreaking world. The man behind Cydia, Saurik, is now not only working for iOS but for Android as well. Checkout what else he gave to Android, right here:


WinterBoard-Android-Saurik is not only the creator of Cydia but he is also the man behind WinterBoard, which is the world’s biggest iOS theming platform for jailbroken iDevices. He is a really clever guy, who is controlling tons of other things that are going in the Cydia store. He is a really brilliant developer so such news from him was expected.

Saurik has finally revealed his first two Cydia tweaks for Android. Not only this but he has also created a brand new website for it too, so that new members can be included to it. He revealed this mega news on twitter and said that he has finally launched two Cydia Apps on Google Playstore and those are WinterBoard and Cydia Substrate and both of them are free of cost.

So, surely this is an exciting news for all Android users. This means that you can use world’s most famous Cydia Tweaks, no matter even if you are an Android user.

Like always, there are some basic terms and conditions applied and the most important one is that your device should be rooted, that’s obvious! No matter which version of Android you have, from 2.3 to 4.2, you can still root and install these apps.


Here is a small guide which will help you in getting these Cydia tweaks:

Once you are done with rooting your Android device, the next is to install APK, open it and click install and then you have to grant Substrate Superuser access and finally you can install Cydia Substrate and WinterBoard.

You can install APK directly from Cydia Substrate website or from Google play.

According to me that is so cool that now you can get all the best Cydia Tweaks even if you are an Android user! This is also good because iOS featured devices are bit too expensive as compared to Android one, so the conclusion is that you can now have Cydia tweaks on a low-cost Android device as-well!

Currently only two Cydia tweaks are available for Android devices, but do not worry as more are expected to arrive soon.

Download Cydia Substrate for Android.

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