Download Instagram 5.0 To Send Pictures & Videos Directly to Friends!

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Instagram 5.0 has been released and it brings a complete new feature to the world’s most popular photo sharing app. The new feature called Instagram direct allows you to send photos and videos directly to your friends or family instead of sending it to your followers. A very neat feature indeed. Check out the details about Instagram 5.0 below.

Instagram 5.0

Today, Instagram announced a new feature called “Instagram Direct”, as the name suggests it gives you the ability to send photos or videos “directly” to your friends or family.

Those of you who have already installed Instagram on your smartphone would see the new update. Simply update your Instagram to Instagram 5.0 and you will get to use this new feature.


So how does this feature work?

You take a picture or a video, and when you are about to upload, you can see an option called “direct” right next to your “followers”. Simply tap on the “direct” button and select the people you want to send that specific picture or video to - it is very simple to use!

Check out the video below which will give you an idea of Instagram 5.0.

Instagram definitely brings a great feature with this update, so I highly recommend you download Instagram 5.0.

What are your thoughts on this new feature called “Instagram Direct”?

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