Facebook Messenger Video Calling Launched Worldwide

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Facebook Messenger video calling had been available for quite sometime to many users but today it has been launched to everyone! If you wanted to ditch FaceTime, Skype or any other video calling service than this might be the time to do so.

Facebook has been pushing its messenger service to many users by introducing new features. Recently it launched the complete dedicated messenger.com site for users who just want to message friends or family. It really hasn’t kicked off with everyone but a majority of Facebook users are using the service.

Well today we have Facebook Messenger video calling service being available for everyone. So if you want to experience HD video calling then you can give it a try.

Also video calling on Facebook Messenger is cross-platform so you can call anyone regardless of their operating system.

Well, video calling on Facebook is finally available for everyone via the Messenger app but is everyone going to ditch FaceTime or Skype for Facebook’s service? Only time will tell that.

What are your thoughts on Facebook rolling out video calling for everyone?

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