iPad Air 2 Details Get Leaked!

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We are only less than two weeks away from Apple’s iPad event and we might just have the information you all had been waiting for. All the major details regarding the next-gen iPad: the iPad Air 2 have been leaked and we have the details. Check out the iPad Air 2 leaked details below.

The leaked information comes via TheMichealReport, which mentions they have seen the iPad Air 2 and have the leaked pictures. But for some reason they did not post the pictures of the leaked iPad Air 2. What they did was describe the new iPad.

So let’s begin.

iPad Air 2 -05

The first thing, like you would expect with all Apple products is that the new device has got thinner. In fact Apple is going to market it as the “world’s thinnest tablet”. It is going to be 0.5mm thinner than the current version; which is already quite thin.

iPad Air 2 -03

The iPad Air 2 is going to get the Touch ID, and this Touch ID is going to be better in terms of performance compared to the iPhones, as they have re-engineered a lot of things. So expect less crashes.

Design wise, the new iPad Air 2 is going to look a lot the current one. But there are differences. The speakers are now in a single row instead of the two and the holes are larger.

Apple has removed the mute/switch button. This might be to accommodate the thinness of the iPad.

The camera on the iPad is going to be improved too. It will now feature an 8 megapixel camera instead of the five one we currently have. The front camera is going to be upgraded for FaceTime HD.

iPad Air 2 -01

The iPad Air 2 is going to have upgraded internals too. The RAM would now be 2GB from the current one GB. Apple is also going to do away with the 16GB model, therefore it will now start from the 32GB.

Like previously mentioned, the iPad Air 2 is going to come in gold color.

The new iPad is going to be almost similar to the current iPad Air but enough differences to make you buy the new device.

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