New Pictures Of the iPad Air 2 Get Leaked

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If seems it is going to be a busy year for Apple. Apple is working on lots of new products ranging from smartphones to new MacBooks, it is definitely a big year for Apple when it comes to the hardware. Apple is also expected to release the new iPad this year - the iPad Air 2. Well, we have some leaked pictures of the iPad Air 2. Check them out below.

These new apparently ‘leaked’ pictures of the iPad Air 2 come via a Taiwanese accessory maker Yi Lin Enterprise. Which they posted on Weibo.

As you can see from the images below. It shows the rear shell of the iPad Air 2 which is in gold colour and a larger speaker grille next to the camera.

iPad air 2

We have seen lots of pictures of the iPad Air 2 by now and almost all of them are very similar, not a major difference between them.

So we have an idea by now that the iPad Air 2 would look like the one in the pictures above.

iPad Air 2 is expected to pack an A8 processor which is comparatively much faster than the A7 on current iOS devices. It is also expected to be released somewhere between September and October.

Well, what are your thoughts on these leaked pictures of the iPad Air 2? Drop a comment below.

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